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Bib shorts are an intrinsic part of any good day out on the bike and must perform at all levels, which is why we have created the AVIP Ceramic VPDS Bib Shorts to be the ideal complement to high performance training and protection. The AVIP Ceramic VPDs Bib Shorts have been designed with an innovative ceramic print on the legs to support cyclists in case of an accident or fall. Ceramic print is the ideal material for reducing friction on hard surfaces, yet we have developed a fabric which is also highly flexible during riding and offers aerodynamic advantages by disrupting airflow and minimising drag. The AVIP Ceramic VPDs Bib Shorts also have dynamic properties and have been constructed with stretch and compression fabrics to ensure an optimal fit and function. The compact structure of the fabric supports your muscles, which helps circulation and recovery, whilst the integrated stretch and flatlock seam construction provides the optimal level of comfort and flexibility. POCs unique silicone based VPDs chamois technology has been designed to bring a new level of comfort and function to cycling bibs. The silicon inserts have been strategically placed to reduce road vibrations and pressure points, whilst the chamois material around the silicon inserts has been optimized for enhanced airflow and reduced chaffing.

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